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A complete architecture curriculum.

At Hablutzel Consulting, we strongly believe in sharing our experiences and growing the next generation of great architecture talent. Toward that end, we have created a set of classes, each focused on a specific aspect of architecture that is rarely covered anywhere else. Moreover, we've designed the classes to be minimally disruptive to your schedule - all classes are virtual, and at most will ask for a 2 hour commitment in a given week.,

There are four levels: Introductory (1xx) classes are generally an hour and provide broad overviews without an expectation of previous experience. They are intended for the new or aspiring practitioner. The Foundation (2xx)) classes are for practicing architects who want to learn more about the skills of a successful architect. These classes focus on the "soft skills" that architects need to advance their careers. The Practice Area (3xx) series dives deeply into specific problems of advanced architecture. These more technical, 2-hour classes are intended for experienced architects and dive right into the hard stuff.  The Leadership (4xx) series is intended for very senior architect and other technology leaders - Chief Architects, CIOs, CTOs, and the like. These classes tackle advanced topics in leading architecture teams, and are 4 hour classes broken out over two days.

All classes are currently on a private client basis. Contact us for scheduling.

Architecture Classes

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